Thursday, July 20, 2006

A New Chapter

Well what has gone on in the last year? Quite a lot. I had that videogame addiction that did take up a whole lot of time. (I'm lucky nobody did an intervention, quite frankly -- it was so easy to lose time that I saw a few sunrises while I was playing it!) It was good because I met a really great person in there, and did have a lot of fun for many many months, but it got a little harrowing because I suddenly felt like I had a second job in this strange virtual world. I suppose there's a story in there somewhere for sure. I quit in November but have had lots of writing deadlines for work, so it was harder and harder to blog, but I think my time might be freeing up just a tad soon.

In other news, my roommate of about 8 years is moving to India for 2 years. That's going to be a pretty drastic shift in lifestyle, and it's sad although now I can definitely be the writer in a garret (haha). And since expenses will increase, well, what better excuse to sit around and read and write in my off hours! I certainly won't be out spending money. And I will convert her bedroom to an office/study/library, so that's really good news. Being crammed in my bedroom was at times a little bit like a garret.

Most of the reading I've been doing has been work-related, but one really excellent novel (given to me by the really great person mentioned above) was And the Ass Saw the Angel, by Nick Cave (of the Bad Seeds and Birthday Party). It's by no means easy fare -- it's a very dark novel with what I would describe as seriously southern Gothic overtones -- but it's got some beauty in some of the most amazing imagery I've ever encountered. He can make something ugly or frightening seem absolutely beautiful with his prose. I'm glad that I read it -- it inspired me to whip out the highlighter pen to highlight interesting passages -- and therefore, I am glad to be able to recommend it since I think it's probably fairly obscure. (I also recently saw the movie The Proposition -- he wrote the screenplay for that, and I also highly recommend that one, again, though, it's pretty heavy fare and certainly not comfortable, but I know many of you who have visited this blog in the past are not faint of heart!)

On that note I'll close for now. I do have plenty of ranting to do about literary markets -- I guess I've stored a lot of angst up in the last year, so I will try to post again soon. Thanks for reading and keep on writing!



Blogger asianpixie said...

Are you keeping the cats? I imagine so since India would be a hard adjustment for them to make.

10:10 AM  
Blogger LadyLitBlitzin said...

I am keeping the cats! Here's the sad thing though... they're both kind of down, and the one that was "her" cat is like, downright depressed and sick looking. :( He knew it was coming last night. So sad!!! I'm going to have to buy them some special toys or something.

9:35 PM  

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