Tuesday, September 07, 2004


So, every once in a while, the deluge of spam makes me seriously wonder about whether the written word can survive the onslaught.

Like, those spam messages that are written so poorly, with so many grammar and typing errors, it would make you weep. Or the spams that look like this: Vi@gr!a, Mort*gage. (Who on earth are the people who are buying these idiots' products?)

At times, the word salad spams that inundate my mailbox at work, trying to sneak past the spam filters, look almost like nonsensical poetry. agatha beelzebub vacation rainfall colon. (And then, they're not even selling anything if you scroll down!)

Looks like the work of schizophrenics. Though some of it borders on poetry.

Today, I got a spam that started off with something along the lines of "the mummy crept through the open door." So, yeah, I guess soon they'll have a paragraph of fairy tale at the beginning.

Weird. Sometimes I wonder if it can't be good for our ability to read and interpret the written word. Then again, maybe it will drive us to covet a well-crafted sentence that makes sense.

All spammers (and virus writers) need spankings. Or, if they're not pimply basement dwellers, they need new brains. It's one of those things that makes me a little bit angry, every single day, till I'm a little worn out. A punching bag might help.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The word salad spam is so random it sort of makes a beautiful abstract poetry. My favorite theories, this is either the work of extraterrasterials communicating with each other or perhaps the efforts of the computers to communicate with us in their broken English.
Just remember, "I'm A Plaintive Hubbard, Roscoe" (a subject line I received before I got serious and started diverting all my spam to Slidge.


7:51 PM  
Blogger LadyLitBlitzin said...

I like those theories. Yeah, maybe it's the beginning of AI... maybe that's computer-generated poetry, eh. I'm sure there's a program to do that.

I especially like that last bit. I should probably start to log the ones that are REALLY impressive.


11:06 PM  

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