Wednesday, September 01, 2004

More Great Tools

So, I previously blogged about my strange writerly affection for office supply stores like Staples. I popped into one yesterday, since it's my vacation and what better time to go to such a store for the hustle and bustle but back-to-school season? Plus, I have recently decided to try a little personal renaissance of handwritten letters. Not sure how long I'll last, but I thought I'd look for some good stationery, which of course, Staples didn't have. (My preference? Crane.)

Well, I raved earlier about Post-It flags and how they're so helpful to the literary life. The newest innovation from 3M: highlighter pens with Post-It Flag dispensers built in!

Yeah, this is so nerdy that I was completely excited by the gadget. (About as excited when I discovered Wite-Out tape, as compared to those old-fangled, always gloppy bottles of Wite-Out.) Now, I can safely mark my lit mags with the flags, and then properly deface them with highlighters, all in one fell shot. I bought a 3-pack. What a sucker, huh?

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