Sunday, August 29, 2004

Some Salt for my Words?

As in, I need some salt (or some kind of seasoning) as it looks like I may have to eat my words. I have blogged in the past about Glimmer Train, and wasn't too kind. The first issue that arrived through my new subscription really disappointed me. But, now comes the part where I eat my words -- the summer 2004 issue was actually rather... delightful (in a good way). (How I hate that word, but for some reason, it seemed apropos.)

Now, don't get me wrong. There still isn't much that absolutely knocked my socks off, or was at all experimental. However, it was overall a very pleasant read, with lots of very competent stories that yes, I could relate to.

Favorites included Train Wreck with Cattle, by Robert Schirmer; The Hero of Queens Boulevard, by Michelle Richmond; Hiram the Desperado, by Robert Olen Butler (very clever, as its jumping-off point was a real postcard message from 1908); Hot House, by Jenni Lapidus; Multiple Listings, by Lucy Honig; and Among the Living Amidst the Trees, by Bruce Machart.

There were only two stories in the whole issue that I thought clunkers, as they didn't hook me strongly enough to finish them. There were several others I didn't mention that were good too -- the ones I have listed were the ones that affected me the most, seemed particularly well written or inspired or really struck a serious chord.

So... I have to highly recommend the Summer 2004 issue to anyone who is looking for a literary good time. I have the Fall 2004 issue here, still in its plastic wrapper. I'm interested to see if it will bear such a strinking resemblance to this enjoyable issue, or closer to the issue I panned a month or so ago.

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