Friday, August 27, 2004

... And a Free T-Shirt!

I guess I'm on all the literary mailing lists now, because I got a slick booklet/advertisement from The Gettysburg Review. Not only is it angling for a subscription, it's upping the ante by offering the first 100 people to respond a free t-shirt. That struck me as a little odd, really.

I love t-shirts, especially when they're free. One of my favorites is my Sun Studios t-shirt from a trip to Graceland. I'm also partial to a giant t-shirt for the Blue Elephant art studio. What is a t-shirt but a means to make you a walking advertisement? But I love them anyway. For working out, bumming around braless, or for using as giant nightshirts. (Of course, the fact that I rarely wear them out and about means it sort of defies the whole concept of t-shirt as advertisement.)

So, will I be swayed to buy a subscription, with an added bonus of a free t-shirt if I hurry it up and subscribe? Maybe. The slick little publication was interesting. They claim "pure delight, every time." Hmm. Could it be so? The snippets from stories and poems that they provide in the glossy ad seem fairly compelling.

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