Monday, August 23, 2004

A Dose of Rejection

Now, I complained just weeks ago about how dead everything was from the submission angle. I hadn't heard a peep out of any of the markets I had sent to for so long. It was total summer doldrums. Now, I've gotten like, 3 rejections in a matter of weeks!

So, on the one hand, I definitely have to remember what I was saying earlier, about how an encouraging rejection is a GOOD rejection, because these all said to send more work to the markets. But it is hard to get slammed one after another like that.

(Also, for anyone who's been reading for a while, I haven't heard yet if that novella excerpt is going to fly for that one market or not.)

Anyway, getting a flurry of stories back just means one thing, that I need to find new markets for them and soon. It's ironic because several weeks ago, everything was already out there! Back to the drawing board, as is always the case. At least I can say it's been quite some time since I've gotten a form rejection. And it's nice to know that there are human beings out there again. It looks like summer is just about over, if people are returning to their computers to dole out some rejection.

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