Sunday, August 15, 2004

Panic at 1am

So, after all the summertime waiting I complained about recently, tonight I got a rejection from a magazine I am truly jonesing to get into. However, it wasn't your run-of-the-mill form rejection, nor the rejection that gives some personal reasons and then says, good luck... this time, the editor asked if I had something else, something shorter. That's huge. Like I have said in previous posts, if they ask to send more, then that seems a very heartening sign.

Why the panic? Everything I've got is submitted right now! And like I said in yet another previous post, most magazines frown on simultaneous submissions. So, I do happen to have an excerpt from a novella that I have tried half-heartedly to send out before, but never did a full blitz for. I happen to think it stands well on its own, but who knows. However, it definitely fits the bill for being "short."

Wish me luck. I don't have truly high hopes that this will get accepted, but hopefully this is a good step towards success. With every small step, you do get closer to your goals. And it's likely only at 2:34am that you decide to use a "small step" analogy in a blog entry! Eek. It's definitely time for bed.

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