Saturday, August 07, 2004

Waiting Game

Summer sucks, in the writing biz. Well, other things do too. I have a whole bunch of writing submitted and it's like it's all in the black hole, really. It occurred to me last night that I am really irate with McSweeney's.

They've had one of my stories since November 2003. I think that I gave it the requisite 6 months and went to their Web site about querying, and I'm pretty sure they said that if you don't hear back, to resubmit. Umm... I did. Right now, though, I'm wondering if I should just start resubmitting that one elsewhere. And put them in the "non-responder" category with Pif and Exquisite Corpse. Because, at this point, I'm simply downright irate.

I guess my fuse is long, like I can go and go and go without being angry, but then suddenly it occurs to me that I AM angry about something. Anyway, the "no simultaneous submissions" rule certainly shouldn't apply here. If you're going to have my manuscript for almost a year, then I shouldn't have to watch the "pending" slot on my submission spreadsheet for that whole time. Maybe I will query them -- screw them and their "resubmit, but don't bother us about it" rule. That's what I was so angry about in that previous post where I ranted about writers getting the short end of the stick.

Other than that, I've got a bunch submitted to markets that have a long reading period -- like around six months. UGH! I guess it's good I have some at markets that DO read in the summer, since those are few and far between.

Anyway, I guess maybe my project for the morning will be to try to find some email address at McSweeney's and see what the deal is. I had a manuscript get lost at Boulevard once, and I have to say the truth, I queried and they were really nice about hurrying up and rejecting it -- that sounds funny but they realized it was their bad and at least knocked it to the top of the list for reading. So I have to give them props for that.

Write on, even when it's annoying,



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