Saturday, July 31, 2004

Friday Night Exhaustion

So, how did I spend my Friday night, completely exhausted and in a fog from the work week? Odd, but I finished a story that I started earlier this week.

This oddly segues with an earlier post from Jen about inspiration: the whole thing started from a pre-sleep image -- maybe half dreaming, of a small boy shrinking in a rear-view mirror. For once, I actually did pull myself out of bed, turn the light on, and jot down some notes. The next night, I started writing more of the intro ideas into the journal, and then realized there was so much I needed to get on the computer.

Tonight I finished it, after realizing I wanted to do it from the points of view of the three main characters involved. Weird. That's likely a trite premise, done a million times before, but it screamed to be done -- the different ways men and women react to the same situation, the confused viewpoint of a child.

So yeah, saying I'm "finished" doesn't mean much. It means it has a beginning, middle and an end, so it's not really done. It needs editing, revising, thinking through if it really makes sense, red pen surgery -- but it's in much better shipshape than you get sometimes. It's amazing, how sometimes a story just sings. You can tell the difference between one your heart got into and one that is awkward and may never know where it's going.

Which reminds me, I have another that I have started and abandoned. I usually write linearly -- I usually don't start another story till I'm done with the first. It might tell me that other one just doesn't have the muse.

Is it depressing, this one that just got "done"? Oh hell yeah. However, I think it's rare any of my stuff isn't depressing, or at least end badly, a little matter I should likely take up with myself. And of course, ending badly is subjective. Maybe it's just another story that consists of unlikeable characters doing unlikeable things -- yes, that is an exact quote I got from a rejection of one of my stories! NICE. Regardless, though, it may be unlikeable but I think what's going on in this one contains some truth about the way lots of people are, sadly.

But did I sell anyone out this time? Nah. I think this one pretty much lives a life of its own. We can all breathe a little easier.

On that note, I'm totally exhausted after a rather unexpected night of productivity.

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