Friday, July 23, 2004

Hot Spots

I've added some links to the sidebar of my page, with much blundering around, being the blog novice that I admitted to being in my first post. Looks like I may have to tweak them somewhat.

First of all, I added Freak Blog, which is an aggregated site that includes a collection of the blogs of several people in my network of friends, having all attended St. Mary's College of Maryland quite long ago. We've got a political blog, a blog on motherhood and life in general, a book review blog, and a blog from an artist. Hopefully there will be more to come, but there is something for a vast range of tastes there.

I also stumbled across an interesting blog today while reading Jane magazine (and why I'm 34 and read Jane magazine is a whole other mystery of life. They just keep on coming, but I guess they do keep me in tune with the younger generation as well as make me wish I was several dress sizes smaller).

Anyway, it's called Cupcake Series, and it takes the literary establishment to task in a different way, focusing on women in the literary scene. You can look forward to seeing the number of female writers in any given issue of The New Yorker or The Atlantic, for example, so it's much more focused than my general bitching about the difficulties of breaking in. From my first check it definitely looks like some interesting stuff to ponder (and get pissed off about, perhaps).

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