Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Dose of Speculation

A friend of mine turned me onto a site called Strange Horizons, a site that specializes in speculative fiction. Really, he pointed it out because the site has one of the most exceedingly specific -- one might even say anal -- sets of guidelines I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Check out the submission guidelines. They're a hoot. But also steel yourself for the possibility that one of your stories might fit the criteria of what they definitely do NOT want to see!

Anyway, from nosing around on the site, there's a lot of neat stuff there. I read a random sampling of stories, and especially enjoyed The Algorithms for Love, by Ken Liu. Leslie What's Magic Carpets was good, and a story I appreciated for its sheer cleverness and lack of convention was Genderbending at the Madhattered, by Kameron Hurley.

Even if you're not a writer who specializes in sci fi, fantasy, or speculative fiction, I think it's worth a look. While the stories didn't blow me away like the ones in that last issue of Gargoyle did, the site definitely deserves some recognition as an entertaining place to while away some time.

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