Friday, July 23, 2004

On Anonymity

Okay, I've been on here for about a week, and I'm sure one question that might come up would be, why the hell is this woman bent on remaining anonymous? Who cares? Is she just a paranoid looney? (Shut up there in the peanut gallery, haha!)

Well, let's say I'm erring on the side of being overly cautious. Theoretically I would still like to get my fiction published, and I suspect that the literary establishment has been a sleepy place for a long time, an ivory tower that doesn't want to get shaken up by voices of dissent, an entity that can (quite safely) say, "If you don't like us, then we won't publish you." Maybe I will never get their attention, but then again, who knows?

(Why do I feel like my opinion's worth any more than a hill of beans? Well, after 15 years of the literary equivalent of pounding my head against a brick wall (i.e., submitting hundreds of manuscripts to different markets with little success other than personalized, encouraging rejections, a process that, for me, even predates the Internet -- yes, I own my own postage scale), with only this last year getting any acceptances, I kind of feel at least a little bit qualified to rant and rave a bit, plus call some old-schoolers to task for certain practices I think are lame. The definition of "lame" being purely subjective, of course. Also, I thought some stuff I've learned along the way could be helpful for some new writers.)

Also, most of us know the Internet is a small place, having been tracked down a few too many times for comfort. If literature is as schmoozy (and some might say it's an Old Boy network, so to speak) as I think it is, then things are already hard enough, and I wouldn't want to take any chances, since at times I will want to take some markets to task. Let's make some noise, let's shake it up!

Write on,



Blogger slidge said...


You tell 'em, LadyLitBlitz!

FIGHT THE POWER!!PS - I know who you are ;)

5:23 PM  
Blogger LadyLitBlitzin said...

Hee hee. I knew you'd be down with it, Slidge! :)

5:59 PM  

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