Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Today I'd like to suggest people check out the latest issue of The Paumanok Review, if they're looking for some good reading. It's an online-only literary journal, though I might add, it always strikes me as having professional quality (hey, you can download a PDF of the issue).

In the current issue, I enjoyed stories like Acting Out by Fred Redekop and Broken Wing by David McGrath. I also liked Pittsburgh at Midnight by Mat Snapp. I haven't gotten to everything but I thought I'd seen enough I liked to merit a heads-up to anyone looking for some good fiction online.

As an aside, for writers looking for markets, Paumanok's a good bet. I have been published in a past issue of the journal, and editor Katherine Arline is really nice and professional and lovely to deal with. Paumanok doesn't pay in cash (though you do receive classified advertising through the site in exchange for your story), but it's a lovely site that's obviously lovingly produced, and I think that that makes one proud to be featured within its virtual pages.



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