Friday, August 27, 2004


Anybody ever feeling like they're creating an environment that's a fire hazard?

I'm looking at my reading pile as I type. Some of it, already read, and I am nowhere near figuring out what pile to delegate those magazines to. Several copies of Gargoyle, several copies of Glimmer Train, two copies of Wired still in their plastic wrappers, The Kenyon Review, Poets & Writers, and Novel and Short Story Writers Market too. And, to make matters worse, a 200-page (double-spaced) novella that I'm still trying to figure out what to do with. (And that last one might very well be kindling, I'm not too sure.)

Meanwhile, there's a copy of Tin House in my bathroom, as well as a couple more issues of Wired. And Conjunctions "New Wave Fabulists" issue is floating around here too. This itemized list doesn't include the things I'm supposed to be reading for work, either!

Man, I feel like my room is such a fire hazard right now. I guess a little organization might be in order soon. It's hard to write -- or have any coherent thoughts -- surrounded by a bunch of papery clutter, but I'll bet a lot of writers have the same problem. At least I can say most of my manuscripts are not hard copies, and rather are safe (one might hope!) on my computer hard drive.

Ehhhh.... I think I'm definitely going to have to find some writers with whom I can organize a nice swap system with. If, of course, they don't mind that I bend page corners down and occasionally get hit with the inspiration to write in the lit mags or underline good stuff...

Thanks for reading, I'm definitely going to have to watch those errant cigarette ashes!



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