Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Yes, I am alive, despite rumors to the contrary. In addition to the iPod addiction problem, my roommate and I had a party over the weekend, a bash as it were. Just kidding... we decided it was the most sedate party we've had in years, but the truth is there was a good selection of people and it was very, very enjoyable. Slightly disturbing was everyone had cleared out at 12:30... we have decided it seems people are leaving about a half hour earlier every year. hahaha. But it was good, and now it's back to real life!

Well, sorta. There is still the iPod addiction, ha... and the fact that I have made the resolution to start working out again, which is having varying levels of success. I haven't really made it to the gym more than once or twice a week so far, but let's hope I can start getting that going so it's more than that. I suddenly realized all the computer work is turning into a sedentary lifestyle and realized that I am also not feeling very well -- some combination of inactivity and a little weight gain. So I hope you guys will forgive me if I'm not quite as prolific as I once was!

In other news, I saw the ironic news report that The Atlantic won some awards for its fiction after having announced it will discontinue fiction.

In purely personal news, I have received another form rejection -- it appears I am on a roll, and needless to say, overdue to send some submissions back out. I've got to find some time to do a little market research sometime soon!

Hope you all are well and happy spring-like weather!



Blogger Maktaaq said...

Dang! We'll miss you!

Actually I need to exercise moe too.

Just keep sending out stuff & good luck!

7:56 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Hmm, I've been attending (or hosting) more and more of those geriatic parties as well. For a change of pace, we'll actually be attending a party that begins at eight on Friday night. Late night! Woo hoo!

Anyhoo, I'm glad you had a great birthday!

6:16 AM  
Blogger asianpixie said...

Wow...sweet birthday gift. Your addiction is therefore understandable. Happy (significantly belated) Birthday!

Good luck...er, Break a leg...er rather, "Break a pen[cil]" on your submissions. I don't know if there is a superstitious phrase to be used in the case of wishing the best for writers. If not, there should be :)

10:28 AM  
Anonymous the Happy Booker said...

thanks for the note. check your mail box--it's THIS friday. THB

5:19 PM  
Blogger LadyLitBlitzin said...

Thanks for the well wishes everybody! Tonight I went out shopping with some degree of success (although again, it underlined some of the new aspiration that I need to be working out more often) and managed to come home and not start playing with the iPod. Hahahaha... Seriously, though, it's pretty amazing how if you do one thing after work it seems like there's no time to do the other... I really wish that I didn't need to SLEEP. On that note, nighty night!

10:32 PM  

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