Monday, December 06, 2004

Tarot Trends

So, one of my rejected stories was rejected, in part, because of the presence of a fortune teller in the opening pages.

I was told that several other submissions to the magazine featured fortune tellers, and the editor was leery about having fortune teller overload in the magazine. Or maybe he was burnt out on fortune tellers or was trying to think of a polite out, ha.

But anyway, when I checked out Oyster Boy Review, lo and behold, there was a tarot card passage in The Power of the Universe is in the Mind, by Jeff Moss. (Different magazine than the one that rejected me, just to clarify.)

Wow. I wonder what the deal is with all the fictional fortune telling? It makes you wonder what's up with the collective unconscious that so many writers are apparently creating characters that are seeking out psychics, tarot cards, and the like to untangle the tangled webs they've woven.

Anyway, I don't know what this trend might be saying, if anything at all, but I thought it was interesting.

Write on, peeps,



Blogger Hebdomeros said...

It is weird how topics go through cycles like that. There are a lot of political stories in the new Gargoyle, but that's an easy thread to explain. Fortune tellers are a little harder. I noticed the same thing happening with magician stories when "Carter Beats the Devil" first came out.

Glad you liked Oyster Boy. I like them too, even if they do keep turning me down :(

8:06 AM  
Blogger LadyLitBlitzin said...

Hey Hebdomeros -- yeah, I really liked it a lot, thanks for the tip -- and just keep plugging away at them! :) I'm a strong believer in tenacity. Oh, and Carter Beats the Devil was an awesome book!

9:50 AM  
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