Saturday, December 04, 2004


I've started in on McSweeney's Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories. I'm about 125+ pages in and it's starting to scare me. So, I'm not sure "astonishing" is the right adjective for the title.

For the most part, the stories have been good so far. However, I guess the first 80 or so pages were stories that were just weird, thought provoking, strange, creepy. (Some of them were kind of slow, though, the types of stories that don't really have a punch till the end.) However, and will wonders never cease, Stephen King's short story, "Lisey and the Madman," actually scared me. Not in a "BOO" kinda way but in a slow, creepy kind of way, like if you think about it too much you might not sleep too well. (And for someone who keeps a drinking glass by the bed at night, it didn't go over so well for me.)

I had kind of thought that I was too old to get that creeped out by Mr. King, but I guess not. I have a feeling it's gonna get scarier too. (Is it "scarier" or "more scary"? Anyway, you guys know what I mean.) We'll see.

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