Thursday, September 09, 2004


Jen, of JMB, recently pointed out Fiction Warehouse as a good market. Thanks for the heads up! They've definitely got some interesting stuff going.

Earlier, a few of us were talking about the veracity of fiction contests, but Fiction Warehouse has got a pretty cool idea as far as that sort of thing goes. (With me, innovation goes a long way.)

They're not only running a contest that is judged by a single judge -- it's also judged by readers. So, there's also a popular vote as to who has written the best story.

Now, okay, I understand that this could become a bit of an Internet popularity contest, as writers petition all their friends, acquaintances, coworkers, family members, and local Starbucks baristas to vote for their work. However, it's quite a nod to the democratization of the Internet. It's nice to think that your submission might stand more of a shot at recognition beyond the overworked intern delegating pieces to the slush pile, or an editor in a bad mood that day.

Check it out, at the very least. It should continue to be interesting to see the different directions in which literature will go using the Internet as a medium.

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