Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Literary Update

Two rejections came in while I was away. A slightly late, impersonal rejection from Tin House and a personalized rejection from Night Train. The latter gave me some nice suggestions for the story in question and invited me to submit another piece in their next reading period, so that was nice. I have had good luck with them inviting me to submit again in the past. So that was nice. (Writer, edit thyself. And why would I put "so that was nice" twice? Sheesh.)

So, in other words, same story, different day. :)

Thanks for reading,



Blogger Maktaaq said...

Dang and sort of dang.

I do really appreciate your work. I've been pushing myself to write more, but tonight - I have no idea where the time went...Good work, keeping up with your goals!

3:21 AM  
Blogger LadyLitBlitzin said...

Ha, yes, it's a mixed bag of dangs. :) As always the moral of the story is to keep on trying, but I know what you mean, time is of the premium.

7:44 PM  

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