Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Time's Running Out!

Okay, I have not received my mythical Amazon.com gift certificate yet and I've got a bunch of stuff sitting in my cart. I thought it was interesting, though, that there are only four copies of Gargoyle No. 48 left at Amazon, with more on the way.

This could mean anything -- it could most certainly mean that Amazon only has five copies at any one time, or what have you. But it makes me think about the wider accessibility of items with the advent of the Internet. I would imagine (all this being pure speculation of course) that Gargoyle's circulation was pretty much limited to local bookstores ten years ago. Now, anybody from anywhere can easily hear about the magazine and get their own copy using the auspices of Amazon.

I think that's pretty cool really. That is, if my speculation is anywhere near correct. ;)

In other news, I have no news. Nothing really going on in the world of writing at the moment. It's freezing outside and it's a Tuesday that feels like a Monday. Enough said!

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Blogger Hebdomeros said...

Well, I do know that one of the editors from Gargoyle back in the late 80's (not Peabody or Ebersole, but another whose name I can't remember now) lived in London so they used to distribute here, NY, and London to cast as wide a net as they could. But I'm sure the internet has made it a lot easier to spread the wealth, for mags and even self publishing. I wonder if it's dramatically increased their sales, or if they're about the same.

The week's about to get stranger. Inauguration is two days and counting...eh.

8:42 PM  
Blogger LadyLitBlitzin said...

Ah yeah... I actually was acquainted at one time (actually while I was in high school) with a woman who later did a lot of editing for Gargoyle in London. I doubt she'd remember me at all, though, although we still have a mutual friend who every once in a while will mention her, having seen her, talked to her, etc. (Random meanderings on my part.)

So yeah, it does make sense that Gargoyle would have a big audience, but yeah, I would imagine the Internet has helped.

Yeah, I'm over the whole inauguration thing. I was thinking about going to this "protest" ball, but you know what, the idea of slogging down to DC in this weather on Thursday, to a city inundated with Republicans, not to mention the logistical messes and the fact that it will be a worknight... it's just sounding less and less appealing. I'm feeling I'd rather spend that night here in Alexandria, preferably with my head under the covers.

8:50 PM  

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