Sunday, January 02, 2005

Ah, 2005

Hello everyone. I can't even believe how incredibly low key my New Years Day was. After a lovely New Years Eve party Friday night, I slept late on Saturday, went to brunch with my roommate, and ended up sitting on the couch for most of the day. It's so funny, because I'm sure lots of people spend New Years Day that way, given hangovers and wild times, and although my roomie and I did get home extremely late on New Years Eve (or, I guess New Years Day morning), I wouldn't say it was an exhaustingly wild party. It was fun and it was nice but it was also relaxing. So I'm wondering if my New Years Day behavior is a sign that I will be lazy in 2005!

I did get a little bit of writing-related work done. I submitted a story that I've neglected submitting anywhere for a while. I decided to send it to Missouri Review, a market I haven't tried in years, since I figured it was one of those markets that didn't take electronic submissions. Well, I checked out their web site yesterday and they do accept e-submissions now, with a $3 fee to cover expenses. (Somehow that didn't offend me as much as those $10, $15, or $20 reading fees many magazines charge to submit, or for contests, so I shelled out.) Also, their automated email claimed a response within 15 business days, which seems awfully soon, but I wouldn't complain if that were the case. It is a paying market, too, so I can feel a little better that I have a story sent somewhere where I could, theoretically, get paid.

I glanced at a story I started briefly last weekend, before The Houseguest came back... changed some words here and there... but didn't actually do a great deal of work on it. I guess maybe I could be doing that today.

Well, anyway, here's to a lovely 2005, I hope! With lots of writing-related achievements for us all!



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