Thursday, October 14, 2004

The G-Force

Unfortunately I don't have anything too literary to say today. I am still reading Vernon God Little but it's only happening in fits and starts. It seems like there's been a lot of upheaval this week and I've had a fair amount of work stuff to do. And of course there's sleeping that needs to be done at some point...

But anyway, I thought I'd write to say, if anybody wants a Gmail account, send me an email (email is on profile page, I'm not posting it here because of spammers). I have 6 invitations at the moment and will give them away on a first-come first-serve basis. I use one gmail account for this blog and a separate account for my "real life," ha.

I thought I'd mention it here since I'm grooving on the idea of using Gmail for my fiction submissions. It means I will have a nice archive of fiction-related feedback as well as a record of communications that won't (shouldn't, anyway) disappear, given the gig of storage space associated with the account. I'm thinking of sending all my stories to sit in that account as attachments, too, just in case my Mac goes haywire one day and dies, and somehow my zip disks go bad. (Other pros about Gmail are searchability, easy Web-based folders, and so forth.) Furthermore, I have lost tons too many emails over the years when my computer's gone kablooey, which also convinced me this might be a good idea in terms of knowing which markets liked what, etc.

Anyway, wanted to offer them up if anyone's interested. I know most people have web-based email they like perfectly well already.



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