Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Winners Are In

Glimmer Train's Fiction Open results are in. Here is the list of winners:

Glimmer Train Press Inc.

Glimmer Train's
Fiction Open
Top 25 Winners And Finalists

1st-place winner:
Gina Ochsner for "A Cloud for a Carpet"

2nd-place winner:
Sean Beaudoin for "Winter Kills"

3rd-place winner:
Susan Engberg for "Margaret"

And the finalists, listed in alphabetical order:
Will Allison for "What You Have Left"
Sarah Blackman for "Pray for Rain"
Belle Boggs for "Good News for a Hard Time"
Robin Bradford for "Mothers of America"
Michael Campagnoli for "The Boundless Arc and Other Dreams"
Jeremiah Chamberlin for "Missionaries"
Thomas Cooney for "Eleanor"
Alison Frost for "Days and Nights on Fairfield Road"
Lisa Graley for "Feeding Instructions"
Carol Howell for "Fool at the Feast"
Quang Huynh for "And the Earth Emptied Clean its Heaven"
Mary Koral for "Flag Girl on the Highway"
Karen Kovacik for "My Polish Widower"
Gail Labovitz for "Life Blood"
Christiana Langenberg for "Maybe It's a Wednesday"
Marc Nieson for "The Last Hours of Pompeii"
Sam Ramos for "Everywhere Is in California"
Susan Ring de Rosset for "Cliff Swallows"
Rebecca Rubin for "Bakery"
Margot Singer for "Borderland"
Randolph Thomas for "Now, from the Beginning"
Robert Vivian for "Body at Rest"

No, my name's not on there, but I did enter on a lark. I think I won't enter again for a long while. People who are familiar with my blog know that I impulsively subscribed to the magazine and wasn't altogether impressed with it on a consistent basis, enough so to rant about their style for more than a few blog posts. Not to say that those people don't deserve kudos for having shown up on the list, they totally do. However, I've definitely decided it's not really the market for me.

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