Saturday, October 02, 2004


I had heard for a long time that author William Gibson (who wrote Neuromancer, one of my favorite books) was an early adopter of blogging. So when I ran across the URL to his blog yesterday, I was psyched.

Unfortunately, I missed him, completely. On Sept. 12, 2003, he packed it in, realizing that he was jotting to his blog instead of spending time working on new fiction. Interesting. He's been such a visionary in so many ways, it kind of makes you wonder if maybe blogging can become a pastime that keeps one away from the true business of writing. True, sometimes it does seem like one more thing on the list of things to do, though on the other hand, maybe it can keep the wheels in your mind oiled when you don't have much to say, fiction-wise. (Traditional pen-and-paper journals have always been considered beneficial for writers, after all.)

He's credited with having pioneered ideas like the Internet. So this year's blogging mania must have him laughing, somewhere. And if you haven't read Pattern Recognition, you should, even if you're not a fan of "cyberpunk."

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