Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Email List Mockery

So, I signed up for an emailing list from a magazine I have submitted to. I didn't realize that that would fill me with angst.

This publication supposedly has a 2-3 month response time for submissions. I haven't heard back for 2+ months and I'm starting to get that antsy, "what-if-they-lost/discarded/otherwise-disrespected-my-manuscript" anxiety. (Of course, I generally like to delude myself into thinking that the longer I wait, the better a sign it is, like they're seriously considering it or something, however, I don't like the reality that it's probably just that they're busy, with lives. Meanwhile, I guess the flip side is, who the hell wants their manuscript sitting in the "Maybe" pile? Ugh.)

This was compounded by the fact that the email bulletin contained word that they're first print issue is about to go to press, or something of that nature. What..... nooooo!

Anyway, this is all pretty much par for the course. But what's a blogger to do but blog about life's frustrations?

The millisecond it hits 3 months they've had it, of course, I'm sending that email, like what the EFF happened to my manuscript, jackasses. ;)

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Blogger Jen said...

The best revenge (or biggest relief) is when I haven't heard from a publisher for a long time and I go to their website and realize that they've had the same issue up for eight months or something (and they're a quarterly or monthly). I realize that, no, it's not that they didn't want to take on my masterpiece; they just went belly up in the interum and never read it at all.

Or maybe they did read it and thought, "I spend my labor of love reading crap like this? Literary journal nevermore!"

8:21 PM  
Blogger LadyLitBlitzin said...

Ha, well... unfortunately their email missive made them look quite busy. I have totally had the same experience though, running across a site I have submitted to that is suddenly defunct or has a big notice that they're on hiatus for some undetermined period of time. Ah well... the waiting continues!

Thanks for the tip though. I think I should stop following the rules though, and just send simultaneous submissions A LOT.


9:22 PM  

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