Sunday, September 12, 2004

More on the Train

I know, I know, I harp a little too much about Glimmer Train. But, I saw something interesting when I looked at their site the other day.

There was a link with a question, something to the effect of, "Is it even possible to get published by Glimmer Train?" If you click on the link, you get a gushy sentiment from a recently published author, who mentions having been trying for TEN YEARS to get into the magazine and finally did.

It's interesting, though -- that question brings to mind the idea that Glimmer Train's a popular yet frustrating market for many. I'm not sure what its great appeal is for writers -- sure, I do try now and again and send a story to them, but like I said, I don't think I've ever been too impressed with their editorial direction. (The summer 2004 issue I blogged about recently notwithstanding.)

But I do recall Zoetropers expressing some frustration with the market, too. It's got to be interesting food for thought when a magazine (apparently) gets lots of questions about whether it's even possible to be published within its pages (with the subtext being, I suppose, without having a really good agent, connections, or previous publications in high-profile magazines).

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