Monday, September 13, 2004

Not-So-Happy Endings

All right, so last week I was rather gleeful about my first-ever happy ending for a short story. (Having explained that generally speaking, if my "relationship horror" lit stories don't end with downright unhappy endings, they generally end with ambiguous endings.) But hey, it's not done!

I ran it by my roommate, who is a good reader and a good advisor for my fiction (though she is definitely NOT The Fiction Bitch -- she is a very nice person!). (I know I should workshop it on Zoetrope, but unfortunately, I'm afraid I don't have the time to spend on the site right now between all my varied projects, and I'd hate to give other writers there short shrift when I'm looking at their pieces.) She liked it, but told me it isn't tight enough yet.

Ack! I know this is all part of writing -- the endless rereading, cutting, and revising. However, I sat staring at it all weekend, unsure of what to cut. There are a few segments that I thought could be cut altogether, but she disagreed with that tact. I think this one might be one to throw in a drawer and forget about for a few months, as Stephen King suggested in On Writing -- given time, maybe areas for tightening will be glaringly obvious.

It would have been nice to have it come out ready for submission though -- some do. Oh well, you can't win 'em all. And the truth is, I did have serious doubts about it -- the question I asked my roommate (special code name forthcoming, I'll have to ask her who she wants her alter ego to be, haha), was, "Is this story too stupid?" Luckily, she gave me the big thumbs up on another one I ran past her.

Meanwhile, I've got another that just sits waiting for a conclusion. I have serious doubts as to whether it's worth the time I'm putting into it. Although I did run into the person who one character is very roughly sketched on.... which truly didn't help, actually.

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