Saturday, September 25, 2004

Man Booker

Over on Bibliotechno, you can find the short list of this year's nominees for the Man Booker Prize. This isn't something I ever paid too much attention to, but maybe now I should, considering my big summer reading pleasures were previous winners/nominees, Middlesex and Life of Pi.

I've just started reading Vernon God Little, by DBC Pierre, another previous winner (or is it just nominee, I don't know). So this means I'll be engrossed in the novel form for a while, so I won't have much to say about lit mags, though I just recently dug into Grand Street before deciding to take a sharp turn and dig into a novel.

Having seen the short list of this year's nominees, I guess it might behoove me to check a few of them out. Brian mentioned how they're books "nobody's read." Ah, the literary life...

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