Friday, November 19, 2004

More Interesting Drama

I got another rejection today, from a publication that was a bit overdue for a response. However, it was very heartening. The editor said he did like the story, though it wasn't quite right, solicited me to send something else, and also gave me the hint that he liked one of my stories that's still live on another literary magazine site. (Which strikes me as super interesting, since I kind of don't even like the story on the other site very much. Odd. It is one of those rambling first-person narratives that Hebdomeros mentioned recently on his blog -- after having seen a magazine that was a little too heavy on that type of story. I'm guessing they really are sort of the rage right now. Ha.)

I'm thinking I should send something back ASAP -- that whole "strike while the iron's hot" idea. That's going to take some thought though, as there is that whole concept of knowing your market and nailing it. I'm thinking I do have something I started working on recently that might be perfect, however, it's not done yet. It'll take some thought.

Also, check out Brian, over at Bibliotechno, if you get the chance. He's put up a nice, thought-provoking group of questions that might appeal to our kind.

Thanks for reading. The weekend is young, the air is damp -- good luck writing!



Blogger maikopunk said...

Hi Lady LLB

I would definitely send something back right away. Recently I was at an Editors Association meeting and one of the speakers, an e-i-c for a health magazine said that when she responds to writers and tells them she will keep them on a database for future projects, she only actually does it if they respond back with some sort of "Thanks, I look forward to working with you..." type of response. I take this to mean that should an ever-elusive editor offer a chance at relationship (and publishing), go for it right away.
Maybe just tell them about the new piece you are working on and send it when it's ready? I think the strike while the iron is hot is the right instinct, even if the work isn't quite to your liking yet. Good luck!

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, Mz. Blitzin. I just updated the post to add links because the sole piece of feedback I received said something to the effect of "who are all these writers?".

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and I love that line about appealing to "our kind", makes me feel like a part of some Vampire movement.

Keep going after those editors, one bite at a time.


10:11 PM  
Blogger LadyLitBlitzin said...

Hi Maikopunk -- thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, I think that's definitely what I will do. That's true -- I mean, I would imagine that they might forget that they ever heard of you if you don't answer right away. (Which fits perfectly with your anecdote about the database.) So, I think that will be one of my projects for the weekend, and I very well may take your advice and swing the unfinished story idea by him.

And Brian, I am rather floored that somebody said they hadn't heard of ANY of those writers. That's nuts! They were kidding right... Stephen King??? No one from this planet hasn't heard of Stephen King, so I'd watch out for that person to start sprouting otherworldy gills or something.

Okay, to bed with me. I haven't been able to tear myself off the couch tonight. Tired.

1:18 AM  
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