Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letter From a Famous Dude!

Just kidding... not really. It was really a form letter signed Francis Ford Coppola -- just Zoetrope: All-Story looking for a subscription renewal. Unfortunately I'm behind in reading my issues, which seems to be an ongoing difficulty I have whenever I have a subscription to any kind of magazine (and I have several).

However, I can say the Spring 2008 issue had a story by Elizabeth McCracken -- "Something Amazing" -- that was definitely worth the price of admission. I loved it, it stuck with me, and that was the highlight of the issue for me.

It's an interesting magazine, considering it actually carries ads from places like Marc Jacobs, but at least with the Spring issue, I found the layout a bit confusing. Seeing how I need to catch up with Summer and Fall, I'll be interested to see if the layout is always confusing or if that's an anomaly.

One thing I have to say is cool is that Francis Ford Coppola backs a literary magazine. It's a tough industry and it's nice to know successful people in media and the arts are willing to lend a little help (and a paying venue for writers).

Obviously I need to get reading but of course this is just another in a monumental stack of reading material I've got here.



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