Monday, September 08, 2008

Short But Sweet

Narrative magazine delivered a pleasant surprise to my email inbox recently; it's now sending out a Story of the Week. They're short shorts published every Wednesday, and meant to highlight new and emerging writers. That's pretty cool, since it can be difficult to keep up with all the different literary magazines and hey, might as well use technology to literary advantage and remind people what's out there and when.

Last week's Story of the Week gave me hope that maybe using second person is no longer literary taboo. (I have one story in my repertoire that's written in second person, and have pondered the fact that some editors likely consider that quite rude and uncalled for, and then realized I really didn't care.) 

Also, Narrative opened up its Fall Fiction Contest, in case anybody's itching to shell out $20 for the reading fee and contend. (Hey, $3000 first prize sure would be nice for some starving writer out there, eh?)

As tempting as it may be not to care due to fears of some dire accident with that atom smasher thingie in Geneva (perhaps Wednesday I won't be reading the Story of the Week and instead will be regretting not embarking on some crazy bender tomorrow?), it's nice to see some venues are realizing email's an easy way to get people reading (and back on a site).

Keep on writing, don't fear the black holes...



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