Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy 2007!

I find it a little bit amusing that my last post, back in September, was called "Sure is Quiet," and then I stopped posting for three months. LOL. The last couple months it's been hard to keep up with everything. But, let's get on with things, shall we...

However, in keeping with New Year's literary resolutions, I ran across a great (free) site, called Duotrope. If you're an aspiring writer, please check it out! It allows you to look up markets, according to a great many criteria, and just that part is cool. But even cooler, is, you can use its submission tracker to keep track of your submissions (duh) as well as easily ascertain if your pieces were accepted/rejected in, say, less than the average response time, or maybe more than the average response time, and it'll be alert you if maybe it's time to follow up with specific markets (due to your piece being there longer than average). Each market has great stats on acceptance vs. rejection ratios, the percentage that get personalized responses, etc.

This is an awesome tool that's long overdue what with all the community intelligence services out there -- and I have to say, the more of us who participate on the site, the smarter the Duotrope service will become. So let's all do it!

Here's to a successful 2007 in writing and all other endeavors!



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I wish you the very best in 2007!!!

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