Monday, September 04, 2006

Turning a New Page

I haven't dug too deeply into the Web site NewPages, but I stumbled across a great tool for writers there -- a very thorough listing that links to many of the most well-known literary magazines' Web sites. Check it out... It's a great place to look around for any magazines you haven't hit with submissions.

Hey, it's September. That means a lot of literary magazines are open to submissions again after the summer doldrums (although I am also noticing a fair amount this year that aren't open to submissions until October). At any rate, it's time for us aspiring writers to get busy again, in terms of submitting, right? I just wish I had some inspiration for new stories, but at the moment the only ones I have kicking around in my head or on my desktop don't really have that "spark." I hope others are feeling more inspired right about now!

Thanks for reading and keep on writing,



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