Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something We Forgot To Do

Thanks to HarperCollins, I now know what many of us have forgotten to do all along in pursuing our goals to become published authors. We forgot to get on TV!

Okay, I don't watch The Hills but one might now think maybe it's a veritable breeding ground for publishing achievement. I ran across a Reuters article saying The Hills star Lauren Conrad is going to write a series of young adult books called -- get this -- L.A. Candy. (Ohhh... based on her own life, no less!) 

Somebody please help me...

Maybe I'm being extremely unkind to Ms. Conrad, perhaps she's a great writer, although the name L.A. Candy doesn't really tempt me to believe we'll realize the missing Bronte sister was hiding in plain sight on prime-time TV. (Who knew?) 

It's just another reminder that a lot of the old school media companies have a serious problem. I mean, wow, it might be a lot harder to find real talent so let's just find somebody with name recognition so the finished product may sell itself no matter what. Done! That was easy.

Oh well, I'm certainly no young adult so it goes without saying I'll be skipping this one. Acting lessons, anyone? 

Keep on acting... (ahem!) writing!



Anonymous lyn said...

I agree 100 percent, but the thing that i was told by someone in the publishing industry is that by getting a ghost to write these books under "celeb" names makes a lot of money for the publishers- it is a guaranteed bestseller- and because the publishing house then has money they can take chances on "unheard of" authors. I am a ghost writer- mostly biz books- for big name CEOs- We pump out a lot of these things because the publishers know they will sell- in a round about way it is keeping the publishers in biz--- Of course, I aspire to quit ghosting eventually and go it on my own name and my own fiction-- and while it makes my head spin that these "celebs" get books- it really is in our best interest...

6:33 PM  
Blogger LadyLitBlitzin said...

Hi Lyn!

Ah, thanks for your comment! I shouldn't have blasted off so quickly like that, haha. That's true, i do know the publishing industry is really driven by a very few bestsellers. So yeah, you make a great point that it is in our best interest... even if it is kind of galling in some cases (like this one!).

Well good luck with your goals to make it with the fiction! Hurray! I have the same hope myself. Us writers do some strange day jobs to make the ends meet, but hopefully if we're tenacious we can get our fiction careers going (even if we don't try to get on TV, grr, haha).

7:53 PM  

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