Saturday, October 23, 2004

Novels in November

Well, October's running out so it's almost time to start NaNoWriMo, that is National Novel Writing Month. I just registered last night, so the challenge is almost on.

I saw with interest that on Blogger's dashboard, they're challenging people to blog their attempts. I was chatting about that with Brian over at Bibliotechno. It seems like that might defeat the whole purpose. The whole purpose being, "just do it," crank out those 50,000 words. I'm thinking, if one does it with an audience in mind, that it will very likely be a roadblock to some people who try. Their idea, I guess, is that with an audience, it will drive some people to complete the challenge.

I'm thinking that my own attempts will be blog-free. Whatever I do, I'm just going to do for fun. (Which may also be the result of the fact that the only really fully formed idea I have for it is sort of lame.) Anyway, I'd be curious how many of you intend on trying it out. And if blogging your novel is part of your exercise.

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Blogger Hebdomeros said...

I have part of a novel that I haven't touched in about two months. Large sections need to be redone, and many others just written, so maybe this will be a month to blow the dust off and attack it again.

I don't plan on blogging it, but who knows. Small sections may make it on my page. Whatever the case, it gives me a deadline for the short story I'm working on. I guess it's all talking crows and shambling giants for me over the next week.

12:35 PM  
Blogger maikopunk said...

Blogging a novel-in-progress as its being written and opening it up for comments seems to run counter to Stephen King's advice about "writing with the door closed", at least on the 1st pass.
On the other hand, its an electronic way to do what the victorians used to do in issuing a novel in installments. Except in this case you are giving the work away.
If you blog your novel, and someone steals your ideas, is there copywright protection?

12:47 PM  
Blogger LadyLitBlitzin said...

Hebdomeros, I think it's a great idea to dust off that old one and get it rolling again! And good luck with the talking crows and shambling giants! (Yeah, I'd better get cracking on all the stuff I mean to do, if I want to try to make a go of November as novel writing month....)

Maikopunk, you're right. I don't think one would have much copyright protection at all blogging a novel, especially given the real-time elements. With writing fiction, you slap a copyright mark on your story and ostensibly have proof in your computer that you wrote it along with a timeframe, drafts, etc., and my understanding has been that with that proof, you could hold up in court if somebody stole it. I think I've heard that just the sheer act of putting the copyright sign on it sort of copyrights it. But I think that blogging it in the wilds of the Internet would definitely open up an easy avenue for somebody to steal it and claim it as their own. Not that I'm any expert on copyright...

Then again, if blogging a novel is all just for fun, one could argue that it doesn't matter... NaNoWriMo is posing it as such, with the whole "No Plot, No Problem" tagline...

12:59 PM  

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