Saturday, October 30, 2004

Mac or Windows?

Seeing how we're creative types, I was wondering about any opinions on this integral tool of the trade.

I toil on a (sadly) ancient iMac here at home -- I think the first model that ever came out of the gate -- and plan on upgrading to a brand-new iBook (wireless Internet, please!) ASAP. I'm maybe not the most rabid Apple fan, but I'm up there. I know I'd never buy a Windows PC, at least not until something unforeseen might happen, like Apple really sucking, and even then I'd probably try to bribe somebody to help me figure out Linux.

Anyway, this is probably a much more heated target of discussion for graphic artists, and I'm not sure there's any really defensible reason why a writer might prefer a Mac for any technical reasons unless they did a lot of desktop publishing stuff, but I thought I'd throw the question out there.

Write on (on whatever your computer of choice is)!



Blogger Hebdomeros said...

I'm a Mac person, through and through. My first computer was an Apple II when I was a little kid, and I never looked back. I find them a lot easier to play around with, fix problems, etc. But that's probably because I'm used to them. I can't think of any real reason, though, for writers to stick to Macs except that a lot of publishing houses seem to use them. Wish I could.

12:54 PM  
Blogger LadyLitBlitzin said...

Hebdomeros - Apple II! YEAH! I had one too, when I was in college. It entertains me to no end remembering putting those huge floppies in and using my dot-matrix printer. On through the years, I've never owned a non-Mac at home, despite the occasional ridicule of Windows-oriented friends. These days, though, even people who principally use PCs seem to always want to have a Mac to at least play with.

Yeah, maybe there are no substantial reasons for writers to use them, but hell. Loving Macs is a perfectly good reason! :)

1:50 PM  
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